Setting the Price when Selling Your Home

The results of your valuations and research should have given you a pretty good idea of the likely value of your property.

When it comes to setting the sale price – regardless of whether you are selling with an estate agent – you need to base your selling price on this figure.

Don’t be tempted to overvalue your home and hope for a lucky sale – it is unlikely, and even if it happens the buyer will probably withdraw once the mortgage valuation shows up how you’ve inflated the price.

If you have a ‘drop dead’ price – below which you absolutely won’t sell – make sure you work this out before setting the price.

In an ideal world, you will be able to leave room for a discount on the asking price. Whether you can afford this or not, make sure you have all the numbers clear in your head when your property goes on the market.

That way you won’t be flustered or caught out when dealing with offers and negotiations.


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