Preparing Your Home on the Day of a Viewing

If you’ve followed all of the advice so far, your home should 95% ready for a viewing at the drop of a hat.

All that remains is to put the finishing touches to your preparations and get ready to reap the rewards.


Air your house thoroughly

The smell of stale food, pets or tobacco can really put people off. Smell is one of our most powerful senses and influences our feelings.

The only ‘good’ smells that work with the majority of people are freshly brewed coffee or newly-baked bread. You can try one of these if you have the chance.


Don’t park your car on the drive.

The sight of an empty drive will make it easy for potential buyers to imagine their car there – just the effect you want.


Don’t cook anything

… immediately before people are due to arrive. Make sure all the washing up is done and neatly put away.

On the same lines, make sure your bathroom is tidy, the beds are neatly made and all clothes, children’s toys and other clutter are put away.


Keep pets outside

..Especially dogs – or better still, at a friend’s or neighbour’s home. Not everyone is keen on them or their smell and some people find them unsettling – which will instantly put them off buying your home.


These suggestions may seem like common sense to you – or they may seem complete overkill.

The truth is that most people’s impressions are influenced by details like the ones above.

By getting everything just right, you can give yourself an instant advantage over most other (lazier) sellers and increase your chances of a quick, profitable sale.