Getting the Outside Right / Kerb Appeal

“First impressions last” is one of the oldest clichés around – and that’s because it is true.

Just as it applies to people, it also applies to homes. House-selling experts reckon that potential buyers start to make their buying decisions within 15 seconds of arriving at a property – probably before they even step inside.

Maximising the ‘kerb appeal‘ of your home is vital if you want a quick, profitable sale. As your potential buyers arrive at your home, they will consciously and subconsciously be influenced by its appearance, so it’s important you get it just right.

The good news for most people is that this doesn’t involve much work – just a little planning.


The Garden

If you’ve got a front garden, make sure you:

– mow the lawn

– weed and tidy flower beds, paving and your drive

– remove any toys, tools and other non-garden ‘stuff’

You might see toys and mess as evidence of a fun, lived-in family garden – but potential buyers will just see it as untidy and poorly maintained.


The Front of your Home

Just like your garden, the front of your home speaks volumes about you and creates an instant impression on your potential buyers.

Make sure the front of your home is clean – you may need to wash it down (especially if it’s painted) and make sure your windows are sparkling clean too.

Clean windows also help on the inside, making rooms seem lighter and brighter.

If your windows or front door aren’t looking their best, consider repainting them (although make sure you do a good job).

Brass door ‘furniture’ like handles and letterboxes can also be cheaply and quickly replaced for an instant facelift, and any outstanding DIY jobs to the outside of your home should be completely and neatly finished before you put it on the market.

One final suggestion is to clean out any blocked gutters – they can usually be seen from the ground. Buyers will see blocked gutters as sloppy maintenance and a potential problem for them to deal with.


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