About Conveyancing / The Legal Stuff

The Legal side to Home Buying and Selling

Conveyancing is the legal process required to buy or sell a home. It covers everything needed to sell a home – from confirmation of funding and ownership through to managing the transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller.

Most people use a solicitor or a specialist conveyancing agent to carry out their conveyancing work.

Although it is possible to do your own conveyancing, there are a number of potential risks and you do need to be able to understand all the legal language used in the paperwork and searches – otherwise you could end up with a nasty surprise further down the line.

It’s for this reason that many mortgage lenders require a competent person to perform or check conveyancing work.

Unless you are really sure of yourself and/or desperate to save a few quid, it’s probably best to use a solicitor or conveyancing agent when selling your home.

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