Licensed Conveyancers

Until 1987 solicitors had a monopoly on conveyancing. The law was changed to allow licenced conveyancers in on the act. Most people still use solicitors – though this is probably due to ignorance of an alternative. They cost £350 plus.

Licenced Conveyancers specialise in the work so should be keener not to get a reputation for messing up peoples deals by being slow. They are generally seen as being more efficient than solicitors.

Licenced Conveyancers can cost from £100 upwards – though it’s said that anything less than £150 should be regarded with suspicion. They often cost the same as a solicitor – despite being arguably better value.

Add the associated costs (eg Search fees, Land Registry fees, electronic transfer fees) and it’s at least £400.

Want a free Conveyancing Quote now?

We have found a great new service which sends your basic details out to three recommended conveyancers. They then have to “fight it out” to give you the best quote and service.

All you do is simply take the best one (but there is no obligation at all to proceed with anything). This should save you a lot of time, effort and stress in finding one by yourself.


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