Why Choose A Bad Credit Remortgage?

If you have had problems with credit or debt in the past, you may find it difficult or even impossible to get a mortgage from a regular high street lender. In this case, a bad credit remortgage offers the best solution.

An increasingly popular choice, bad credit remortgaging, allows you to borrow against the equity in your home to pay off any debts you might have, and then to repay it all through your mortgage – usually at a much lower interest rate than previously.

Bad credit remortgages are a fairly specialist field.

The normal high street mortgage lenders are catching up by starting to offer remortgages for people with poor credit history’s – after all, so many normal people now have bad credit records thanks to the huge amount of credit based products that are available and heavily advertised.

However traditionally a number of specialist bad credit mortgage lenders have been the main people to go to. These lenders only make their mortgages available through brokers. Many still tend to offer the best and most flexible bad credit remortgage deals.

By applying through an independent mortgage broker, you can get the best possible remortgage deal for your circumstances – whether it is from a traditional bad credit remortgager or from a mainstream high street type lender.

The mortgage broker has to scour the entire market to find you the best deal by law – just make sure they are genuinely independent and don’t only represent a restricted “panel” of lenders. We can put you onto to an independent bad credit remortgage specialist. If you are interested in this click here


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